Wholesale Carrier Service

We are a pure wholesale service provider, carrying voice traffic between 210 countries across the world.

Blueberry Telecom has built a reputation for niche market termination to several “hard-to-reach” countries in Asia Pacific like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Indonesia through direct CLI routes and offer quality termination A-Z through reliable partners. Interface options are TDM (SS7) and VOIP through local leased lines or over the Internet.

Blueberry Telecom Voice Termination services offer the following features:

• Direct Routes to several countries in Asia Pacific, guaranteeing high ASRs.

• Interconnection via SS7 and IP in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Miami, Florida and London.

• Customized tariffs for committed volume backed by pre-payments and bank guarantees.

• Quick Interconnection and implementation.

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Network Infrastructure

Blueberry Telecom has set up a world-class network to connect various parts of the world for carrying voice traffic.

We have extensively employed IP and IPLC in the network, which we believe gives us greater cost efficiency and operational flexibility. We employ IP technology at the core of the network with TDM at the edges.

We have top of the line Switching, Routing and Billing platforms and 24/7 to ensure our client's optimum service.

Following Points of Presence (PoPs) have been commissioned: -

1. Florida & Miami, USA

2. London, UK

3. Indonesia, Jakarta

4. Hong Kong

5. Singapore